Mid-term Renting in Edinburgh

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Are you coming to Edinburgh for a short employment contract?
Here for just a single academic term, as an Erasmus student?
Or looking for temporary accommodation whilst your own home is being refurbished?

If you’re coming to Edinburgh for a few months then unless you fancy footing a huge B&B or hotel bill then previously your options have been rather limited. Historically short-term lets have covered a few days up to a few weeks and landlords looking for longer lets usually insist on at least 6 months minimum with an accompanying contract, 2 months’ security deposit and exit penalties.

Mid-term rentals provide a solution to this and edlets.com are happy to facilitate this for you working with a range of landlords to meet your requirements.

Whether you are an Erasmus student, digital nomad, relocating, in-between flats, renovating your home, having insurance work done or anything else that means you need accommodation for any period of time then please contact our Bookings Team online via the link below or call on +44 131 510 0020.

Thinking of letting your property but don’t want the hassle of doing daily or weekly turnarounds or being tied into letting your property on a long-term basis?

Whilst it’s true that legislation is undergoing changes meaning that for longer term lets, potential tenants are able to change the duration of their let meaning less certainty for yourself, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider a tenancy agreement for a mid-term duration and still take on short-term lets later on in the year, particularly over Festival and Hogmanay.

As above, there are quite a few reasons for guests to come to Edinburgh for a shorter duration and they certainly don’t want to be tied into an arrangement whereby the expected duration is 6+ months.

The new private residential tenancy model actually allows guests to stay for any duration and the agreement can be viewed here:
Scottish Government Model Private Residential Tenancy Agreement/

If you are interested in letting your property on a mid-term basis, then please do click on the link below.