Queensferry Crossing

Scotland’s newest bridge – 1.7 miles in length – the Queensferry Crossing will be the world’s longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge, and represents an exciting new tourism opportunity for Scotland.

This exciting addition across the Firth of Forth means Scotland will become the world’s first destination to have three bridges spanning three centuries in one stunning location.

Bridging a gap between Fife and Edinburgh, the journey across the bridge makes it easier than ever for visitors to explore Scotland.

The new bridge opens to traffic for the first time on 30 August 2017, prior to closing on 2-3 September for the Queensferry Crossing Experience, when 50,000 members of the public have the unique opportunity to walk across the bridge – following a ballot that attracted almost 250,000 entries.

On 5 September, an additional ‘community day’ has been added, giving up to 10,000 more people from local schools and community groups on both sides of the Forth the chance to walk on the bridge. From 6 September onwards the bridge will re-open to traffic with no pedestrian access.

Did you know?

Here are some quirky facts about the bridge that you might find interesting, for more facts and figures go to theforthbridges.org.

  • 23,000 miles of cables, almost enough to wrap around the Earth’s equator
  • 35,000 tonnes of steel, the equivalent of 80 Boeing 747s
  • 207 metres in height above high tide – 50 metres taller than the Forth Road Bridge and 97 metres more that the rail bridge.