Relocating to Edinburgh

Thinking of moving to Edinburgh? We don’t blame you!

Edinburgh is an exciting city with a buoyant employment market, a thriving arts and entertainment culture, great educational options and a huge range of shops, bars and restaurants to choose from, there is plenty for everybody to experience in Edinburgh.

With that said, Edinburgh really is a very compact-sized city with most neighbourhoods easily commutable via the excellent bus, railway and tram system or better still on bicycle or by foot if you are fairly central.

If you are thinking of moving to Edinburgh, your main decision will be on choice of area – there are the more locations such as the Old Town, New Town, Newington and Tollcross, or you may prefer to be out in the quieter, more residential areas such as Marchmont, Morningside, Dalry or Leith.

But why make a decision on that before you have had a chance to experience Edinburgh and work out where suits you best? Let help you by providing you with a short-term apartment to cover your initial stay and we’ll also happily give you pointers with regards to somewhere long-term.

If you would like to know more about Edinburgh’s suburbs, please read this article: